Cabo Casita Bonita

Legend has it that once you bite into a mango that was grown in the golden desert of the Baja you will never leave. There may be some truth to that, you will have to tell us… Lomas de La Jolla is a boutique community of 56 terraced flats in the Costa Azul foothills of San José del Cabo overlooking the Sea of Cortez, what Jacque Cousteau referred to as the "Aquarium of the World." Cabo Casita Bonita is a luxurious 1,000 square foot + condominium that lives incredibly comfortably. Featuring an equipped kitchen with stove, oven, dishwasher, garbage disposal, water purification system, coffee maker, wine bar, highly-effective corkscrew, and spacious refrigerator/freezer. Wifi throughout and Netflix on the flat-screen. A washer and dryer hidden on the oversized terrace where you will find two umbrellas, a lounge chair, outdoor couch, propane barbecue and a four person patio set under a palo de arco pergola wrapped in mini-bulbs that illuminate in time for cocktail hour.

San José del Cabo in Baja California Sur was named the top city for vacation traveller's by Trip Advisor in 2017. We think they were asleep at the switch for the previous century.

Explore: the surfing, the restaurants, the art galleries, the beaches, the culture, the snorkeling, the yoga, the hiking, the waterfalls, the scuba, the hot springs, the East Cape, the mangos, the fishing, the golf courses, the perfect weather, the sailing, the amazing people, the mysticism of the desert, the peacefulness of the estuary, the fish tacos, the organic markets, the paddle-boarding, the sun-tanning, the birding, the exploring, the whale-watching, the tacos de canasta, the sunrises, the countless stars, the late nights, the beach workouts, the freedom, the kite-surfing, the ATV's, the pools, the sky-diving, the nightly nightlife, the adult entertainment, the meditating, the healthcare, the Pacific sunsets, the friendships, the beach-bars, the cold Pacifico's, the bonfires, late nights, the beach walks, the ceviche, the breweries, the marinas, the fitness classes, the real estate, the yoga, the tamales, the shopping, the ...

For beach lovers like us, the Cabo getaway is loaded with snorkel gear for two, towels, cooler, umbrella, football, and a beginners foam surfboard with directions to find the best surf in the area. (Spoiler Alert) You can walk there.

The vacation home is perfect for a couples getaway, friends celebration, or solo escape. We enjoy waking up to the smell of coffee with the view of the Sea of Cortez that greets us from bed every morning. A brief walk to the beach is the perfect way to start the day in Cabo. There is so much to enjoy in the surrounding areas that 7 days are rarely enough. We completely understand if after the first few days you call and request to stay longer.. we get it, and will attempt to accommodate as long as there is availability.

Due to the architectural design this unit is only accessible by stairs. If mobility is a challenge please call in advance to discuss.

Thank you for choosing Cabo Casita Bonita for your stay in beautiful San José del Cabo, a place to breathe.

  • 2 Guests
  • 1 Beds
  • 1 Bath
Starting from $ 93 / night

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