Our Pastime

Ontario Parry Sound

There is something special about going to a place that you can't get to by road, a place away from the noise of cars and the scorching pavement. An island cottage is the summer fantasy of many cubicle dwellers in the lead up to summer. Why not make it a reality this year - it's easier than you think! Our Pastime is the textbook definition of a Parry Sound/Muskoka summer island getaway. Just a short 10-minute boat ride from the Glen Burney Marina, Mclaren Island is ready to welcome you. If you're a seasoned veteran of the waterways, getting to Our Pastime will be a piece of cake. Even for the nautical novices, it's just a matter of heading straight down the channel until you get where you are going...and if you don't want to handle the captain's duties at all, you can hire a water taxi from the Marina and just sit back to enjoy the trip as a passenger. Once you make the turn into the small bay in which the cottage is located, you'll get that fabulous cottage feeling that says "we're here"! The dock reaches into the bay and the cottage comes into view through the trees just a few yards back from the water. You unpack to discover the cottage enjoys some wonderful views over the waterway you've just travelled. Inside there are two bedrooms, each with queen beds and a 3-piece bathroom at the far side of the cottage. The living/dining/kitchen areas are on the water side, enabling you to focus on watching the kids enjoy cottage life and taking in the experience yourself. You will no doubt want to spend a lot of time at the waterfront here, and Our Pastime doesn't let you down in this respect. Plenty of dockside seating along with a nice selection of boats lets you fully enjoy the waterfront here. There is also a screened gazebo at the waterfront that gives you the indoor-while-outdoor feeling. In addition to the two bedrooms in the cottage, there is a bunkie down by the waterfront - perfect for the early risers or the last ones to leave the campfire at night.

  • 6 Guests
  • 3 Beds
  • 1 Bath

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